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For inquiries about purchasing sculptures, commissions, interior design projects, or to schedule an appointment to view available work, please contact William Casper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What finishes or coatings are on the sculptures?

The sculptures are available in either resin or bronze metal and are finished with protective coatings. The resin sculptures are painted with layers of acrylic paint in a wide variety of colors and hues to match desired patinas such as terracotta, wood, bronze, or stone. The resin casts are coated with wax as a final layer and are intended for an indoor setting where they will last indefinitely. The bronze casts are coated with lacquer and wax and will last indefinitely in either an indoor or outdoor setting, but may require protective recoating due to outdoor weathering over time. Read more about the process.

How long does it take to obtain a sculpture?

Resin casts generally take about 4 weeks to produce, with bronzes about 8 weeks, depending on the foundry schedule.

What does Limited Edition mean?

Each sculpture is limited to 10 casts and then the mold is destroyed. 

What is the cost difference between cast resin and cast bronze?

The cast bronze sculptures are typically 2.5 times more expensive due to the difference in materials costs.

Custom and one-of-a-kind work?

Custom and one-of-a kind work is available upon consultation. We will require a deposit for any custom or one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Do you work with the design trade & art consultants?

Yes, we work with the design trade and art consultants. Please contact us to discuss details and information about William Casper sculptures for your client’s project.

Shipping information

We will ship via commercially available shipping services, using appropriate and safe packaging methods, and come fully insured.

Are returns available?

We attempt to photograph each work as realistically as possible. If you are unhappy with your purchase you may return the work back to us with 14 days. The sculpture must be packed properly and insured. A refund will be issued upon safe return of the sculpture.

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